29 June 2008

Who's the boss?

me: You'd better be kind to your father, we're deciding on plenty of things for you.
Hanna (14): You'd better be kind to us, we're deciding on the retirement home you'll be in.

20 June 2008

Sustainable energy study

A great study on UK energy generation scenario's and alternatives,
with accurate numbers and calculations.
The entire article "Sustainable energy without the hot air" is online, here's a 4 page summary.

15 June 2008

pope reintroduces Communion-on-the-tongue

Electing an 80 year old german shepherd as a pope, what did you expect.

Side note:
I remember when the election of this pope was announced Live on VRT TV as Benedictus Sextus Decimus, the reporter (Jan Becaus) translated this to pope Decimus the Sixth.
He started out funny and gets better every day.