2 January 2023

Putin, Medvedev and ik hebben veel gemeenschappelijk: we leven achter ­hoge muren, luisteren continu naar patriottische liederen en als we bezoek krijgen, moet dat vaak uren wachten.

Alexei Navalny

Oekraïners zijn volledig voorbereid op het einde van de wereld en de jaren die daarop volgen.

Andrej Koerkov

Krankzinnigheid in individuen is uitzonderlijk – maar in groepen, partijen, volkeren en tijdperken is het de regel.

Friedrich Nietzsche

 Niets demonstreert autoriteit beter dan stilte.

Charles de Gaulle

1 December 2022

Magic The Gathering: flavour texts

Most goblins can light a fuse and run, 
but only the cleverest remember to drop the bomb.

That's a pretty ring!
Trade you my knife for it.

Deadly dispute

Join the army,
see foreign countries!

they'd said.

Border Guard

Widow Weber’s new scarecrow seemed to attract more crows than it scared off.

Devious cover-up

You don’t have to outrun the werewolf; 
you only have to outrun your fellow guard.
Final grades are posted on the first day of class.
Life is best taken one step at a time.
The first goblin tried to swim the canal. 
The second built a raft. 
The last and craftiest goblin launched herself from a firecannon and soared over the canal, trailing smoke. 
All were eaten, but only one was cooked.
"May bloodflies empty your veins 
and turn you into a dried leather sack, cow!"
Bruse Tarl, Goma Fada nomad
I'm going to count to three.
He raged at the world, at his family, at his life. 
But mostly he just raged.
 There is no greater coward than one who believes in nothing.
You have a family. Mine died at Sea Gate.
You go to yours, and I’ll go to mine.
Darkness, hide my fear
 Crown of suspicion

Those who will not follow, are doomed to lead.

“There will come a time when the only prey left will be each other.”
—Ulrich of Krallenhorde Pack
  Parallel lives

Lands ravaged, cities in ruins, so many lives sacrificed, and yet there was no other word for it but victory.
  Near death experience

“The finest pawns are those with pawns of their own.”
—Nicol Bolas
 Rakka Mar

Don't try to outrun one of Dominia's Grizzlies; it'll catch you, knock you down, and eat you.
Of course, you could run up a tree. In that case you'll get a nice view before it knocks the tree down and eats you.

Grizzly bears
Bulgo paused, puzzled. What was that rustling sound, and why did he feel so stiff? And how could his feet be so thirsty?
Day 31: I have succeeded in my time reversal experiment.
Day 30: I might have a problem here.

10 April 2022


Youth is the most beautiful thing in this world 

and what a pity that it has to be wasted on children.

 George Bernard Shaw

14 February 2022

In schril contrast met 11
rijmt 12 slechts op zichzelf

Johan Sebastiaan Stuer

8 February 2022

Een zeeman zonder bestemming
kan niet hopen of een gunstige wind.

Epistolae - Seneca

2 February 2022

Democracy is when two wolves and a lamb are voting what they will eat today for dinner.

Benjamin Franklin

2 January 2022

 Het is nooit te laat voor een gelukkige jeugd.

Frénk van der Linden

Wat werkelijk van waarde is, is onhygiënisch.

Ilja Leonard Pfeiffer