26 April 2020

OSIRIS-REx spacecraft approaching Bennu asteroid

This series of images, captured on Apr. 14 during the first rehearsal of the OSIRIS-REx mission’s sample collection event, shows the SamCam instrument’s field of view as the spacecraft approaches and moves away from asteroid Bennu’s surface. The rehearsal brought the spacecraft through the first two maneuvers of the sampling event to a point approximately 213 feet (65 meters) above the surface, before backing the spacecraft away.
The sample collection event, which is scheduled for August.
The asteroids is one of the most dangerous to hit earth.

8 April 2020

Magic The Gathering changes card

A card of the new Ikoria set will be changed for obvious reasons.
Original card:
 Changed card:
Another card is called Sanctuary Lockdown, that one is still in. There really seems to be someone with future sight on the team.