29 November 2012

They need a them
So they'll have an us
The Walkabouts - They are not like us

17 November 2012

I'm a lesbian trapped inside a man's body.
Douglas Coupland -  Generation X

10 November 2012

En hij deed zijn mond open, 
zijn zwarte mond. 
Maar hij zei niets.
Want hij was dood.

Karel van de Woestijne - De oude boer die sterft

5 November 2012

School leavers should not accept underqualified jobs

Research at Ghent University shows that school leavers should be patient and selective when looking for a job.
If someone has been looking out for a job for two months refuses a job below his qualifications, he tends to get an offer for a job that matches his qualifications within a month.
If the same person accepts the underqualified job, it tends to take 10 years before he gets a job (and salary- at this level.
The longer one searches for work, the more he should be ready to accept other jobs. Applicants that have been searching for a year, have a less than 50% chance of finding a job at  their level within the next year.