26 April 2013

hiring 50+

The best radio publicity I know is probably the BNP Paris Bas "Business Info" spots. They are not really commercials but actual business advice.
A while ago they reported on a survey on hiring employees aged 50+.
2 out of 3 companies were OK with hiring people in this age category.
However only 1 out of 3 would really do so.
Main reason are Belgian government measures to protect this age category:
  • Companies are obliged to pay for outplacement when an employee of 45+ is fired
  • Companies are obliged to pay part of unemployment compensation for employees of 60+. I've known employee demanding the company to pay for early retirement. it's hard for the company to refuse. If the employee just stops working and  the company has to fire hem, the company has to pay anyway.
 As a consequence, all measures to protect the jobs of people aged 50+, also make it harder for them to find a job.

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